A cloud file-sharing platform with file-level security and unlimited user license.


** charges are based on per company only


  1. Ability to create New Folder

  2. Drag & Drop file upload using Upload Button

  3. Drag & Drop file upload from File Listing

  4. Keep track of file revisions

  5. Preview images, PDFs

  6. Share file to public with/without password

  7. See list of files that have been shared

  8. Create group

  9. Invite any members & assign group(s)

  10. Manage profile

  11. Link users belonging to different accounts

  12. Control access of each group on each folder


  1. Corporate level management of users (staff and partners)

  2. Per Company Storage Pricing is meant for corporate clients. No need to pay per user

  3. Secure file-level management of access rights

  4. Web-based: simple and easy to user-interface

  5. Safeguard your confidential documents and what you share

MultiCloud Connector

One platform to connect to many clouddrives



Company Shared Cloud Storage

Unlimited Users / 100GB Per Company / Year

at only SGD650 annually 

*up to 200GB data download monthly


Company Shared Cloud Storage

Unlimited Users / 200GB Per Company / Year

at only SGD1350 annually 

* up to 400GB data download monthly


Company Shared Cloud Storage

Unlimited Users / 500GB Per Company / Year

at only SGD3399 annually 

*up to 1TB data download monthly

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