To secure your assets and your business, we work with industry experts and partners to provide Training, Vulnerabilty Accessment / Penetration Services as well as implementation of security protocols.


Security Awareness

People can be the weakest link. Getting your people to understand the risk and importance of security is a start. 

Topics covered can include

  • Understanding threats

  • Email safety

  • PDPA

  • Phishing

  • Social Media Risk

  • Physical Security

  • Preventive Measures

  • etc..

Knowing and Detection

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are two types of vulnerability testing. ... Penetration tests attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities in a system to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible and identify which flaws pose a threat to the application.

Network Hub and Cable

Security Firewall

Because cyber threats keep evolving, your organization's infrastructure and access controls must also evolve to avoid breaches.

To help you stay safe, expert consultants can:

  •  Make sure that Information Security is aligned with the core business strategy and direction

  •  Provide structure, coherence and cohesiveness to the security strategy

  •  Ensure that all models and implementations can be traced back to the business strategy, specific business requirements, and key principles

** If you have a website, an application or just a simple file system or server, you are still vulnerable, contact us for a very simple analysis of your risk profile, your baseline and exposure to understand what to do next.