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What makes us different !

Frustrated with ever growing quota? Doing more but paid the same? Join us and gain the freedom but also the responsibility of being your own master. 

We are looking for sales, business developers, application developers, designers, CTOs, and all IT professionals / Trainers. 


Profit Share

Key to our initiative - for every profit, you get a fair share of the profits.

Remote Working

Work anywhere

Full remote work, work anytime and anywhere that you can serve our clients effectively.

Paintball Player

No KPI, No Quota

You just need to enure satisfied team and clients ; be responsible for your project ; no ambiguous and complex metrics.

Planting a Plant

Grow with time

With managed services and subscription ; grow your earnings over time.

Checking Time

Manage your own time

Pretext on no conflict of interest / able to work on projects to client and team satisfaction. You manage your own schedule.


Built your own team

Develop your own team to do more and higher revenue and profits as part of Transformists

Join us

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