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Team Meeting


Factional Team-Mates

When do Fractional Team-Mates make sense?

There is often an unwritten mandate that businesses have permanent staff for their company. That might make sense in Deep Tech or Tech-First startups, but it isn’t always necessary. A Fractional Team-Mate maybe a better option for you, such as a Fractional CTO or a Project Manager.

You’re building a B2C business that sells products online. Do you need a permanent Team-Mate such a CTO for this? Nope. Do you need a fractional CTO to guide you through a plethora of storefront offerings and back-office ERP systems? Quite possibly;

  • You’re navigating a new industry and building a product — assembling many solutions to do this evaluating each based on previous experience of using similar solutions;

  • Performing a baseline audit for engineering at your organisation — typically this takes a minimum of two days to complete but is beneficial if your fractional CTO understands the due-diligence process for funding OR what works and what doesn’t in product and engineering. n.b. Be very very wary here of someone who writes a one-page report full of technical jargon without any explanation for why;

  • Understanding the gaps in your team (normally as part of an audit) and then propose ways in which you could upskill, recruit new hires or move people in product and engineering.

If you need help here with any of these problems then get in touch to discuss further 

Focused Office Workers


CTO as a Service

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role can be confusing at first in terms of understand “what it is” and “why you’d want a CTO”. You might have been told by an investor that you need a CTO on board for the business or you may have been advised by someone.


Let’s look at what a CTO does:

  • They help you keep abreast of the technology landscape for competitive advantage;

  • They help you navigate the the changing landscape at the executive level and ensure you remain competitive and focused on commercial success;

  • They help you focus internally and implement the right things for your business;

  • They own and enable research and development within your organisation;

Whether you’re a new startup or a large multinational company, a CTO is an essential member of your team. While hiring a permanent technology executive will usually take 6+ months, our outstanding and very experienced CTO can be with you and support your business in days.

A Fractional CTO will focus on specific challenges or projects within the business. For example they might:

  • Help you to complete a benchmark of your team, to identify gaps, and help you with the hiring of people to address those gaps;

  • Put together a technology strategy to compliment the business strategy. That includes evaluation of build vs buy vs integrate for products/platforms, use of specific languages, frameworks, libraries etc…

  • Review your current product to identify new areas of opportunities or potential weakness. This would help improve your sales, conversion rates, or build capability. A good recent example of this was when I helped a business to architect an integration framework for third party API’s which gave them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Review your current platform to identify opportunities or weaknesses. This might be related to areas such as cost, security, performance or, again, to build capability.

  • Support you with the white labelling of a platform for developing a Professional Services consulting arm of the business in addition to a new core product.

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