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Storware and Transformists Network Form Strategic Alliance to Introduce Advanced Backup Solutions in Asia

Storware proudly announces its strategic partnership with Transformists Network, a prominent IT distribution company specializing in transformative products and services.

Following an extensive search for a suitable partner in the Asian market, Storware is excited to start working with this highly dedicated and committed company. This strategic alliance aims to deliver cutting-edge backup and disaster recovery solutions to the Asian market, empowering organizations with advanced data protection capabilities.

Storware is recognized for its commitment to developing future-oriented backup solutions that transcend conventional practices. The partnership with Transformists Network aligns seamlessly with Storware’s mission to provide organizations with reliable and advanced backup solutions, tailored to meet the evolving challenges of the data protection market.

Transformists Network, as a key player in the IT distribution sector, is dedicated to identifying and promoting products and services that catalyze positive change for individuals and organizations. The partnership underscores Storware’s confidence in Transformists Network’s ability to extend the reach of its innovative technologies throughout the Asian market.

Nicholas Yong, Director of Transformists Network, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating,

" As part of our core offerings, we were seeking a backup solution that aligns with our curation criteria of providing a comprehensive solution that can effectively simplify and, more importantly, provide value to our partners. After an extensive search, Storware’s solution not only ticked all the boxes but also comprises a passionate team that consistently delivers innovative solutions and is deeply committed to its partners and clients, just like we are. As such, we are thrilled to represent Storware in Asia and to be a part of and contribute to their ambitious growth strategy in this region."

This partnership signifies a mutual commitment to excellence and innovation. Storware looks forward to leveraging Transformists Network’s market expertise to enhance the availability of its advanced backup solutions across Asia

" We are thrilled to join forces with Transformists Network to introduce our advanced backup solutions to the Asian market, said Jan Sobieszczanski, CEO at Storware. After an extensive search for a suitable partner spanning a considerable duration, we are excited to announce that we have found a dedicated and committed collaborator in Transformists Network. Their bond in providing high-value solutions aligns perfectly with our vision. We are confident that together, we can offer organizations in Asia the robust and forward-looking backup solutions they need."

To learn more about Storware and Transformists Network’s partnership, please visit Transformists Network’s website and Storware's website

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