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Modern Design Office

Modernised Workplace and ready for the Future of Work.

Using Machine Learning, AI, & Natural Language Processing we measure thousands of daily activity points across key business applications including CRM, office tools, UCaaS, and much more.

A single metric acts as your team’s Northstar for improvement.

Watch to know what Prodoscore is all about !

Benefits of Prodoscore

Prodoscore is a cloud based Employee Productivity Monitoring solution that captures the natural work cadences of employees creating a non-invasive, non-bias, holistic view. By tying into your core business tools you will receive actionable data that will help you better understand and visualize how your employees spend their days:

Female employeee working in a server room

Identify operational efficiencies and deficiencies

How are your employees connected and who are your indispensable employees based on internal communication? Be able to understand and capitalize on the relationships between your employees and other internal stakeholders. Identify key influences, understand the flow of information within the organization and find new opportunities for business growth through collaboration.

A Young Scientist looking through a microscope

Gain insights into levels of engagement

Who is actually working & how do we know? (outside of lagging indicators, quota attainment,

completion of goals, task, KPI's etc – who is producing quantity work vs. quality work)


Discover who is at risk for attrition

Identify the behavioral signs of someone who is about to leave the organization.


Employees who are poised to leave demonstrate, on average, more volatility in their start and end times during the three weeks prior to leaving, when compared to employees that stay.

Stressed Woman

Pinpoint who is at risk for burnout

Did you know - approximately 22.3% of employees are suspected of leaving an organization

due to experiencing burnout? Know how to get ahead of losing your top employees.

Working Comfortably

Identify low productivity individuals

Did you know - 10% of your workforce is only working for 90 minutes a day? How much are

you losing on low productivity? Calculate it!

Remote Working

Create visibility to support a hybrid/remote/in office strategy

Even in the office, how did you actually know employees were doing quality work and didn't just look busy? Provide them the flexibility they want without losing the accountability you need.

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